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Conferences, Exhibitions & Seminars

bbe takes part in conferences and contributes with lectures and posters to the scientific program. Beside this bbe organizes workshops in cooperation with international partners and exhibits on meetings and trade fairs. There will be always the opportunity to meet and to discuss your applications, results and methods with bbe staff.


IE expo China 2022

20.04.2022–22.04.2022 | Shanghai New International Expo Centre – As Asia's leading environmental show, IE expo China 2022 offers an effective business and networking platform for Chinese and international professionals in the environmental...

Past Events

Conferences, Exhibitions & Seminars

Below is an archive of past events in which the bbe participated.

Apr. - Jan.

Cyanobacteria - Danger for our drinking water?

11.04.2018 | Solingen, Germany – Dams and reservoirs are often affected by toxic cyanobacteria, which are a burdensome problem for waterworks operators and dam owners. For this purpose, an information event...

Nov. - Jan.

HABs Collaboratory Technology Webinar

14.11.2017 – We invite you to take part in the HABs Collaboratory Technology Webinar on 14th of November 2017 at 11 a.m. (eastern). The topic will be technology that is currently being used...


bbe participates in the DGL conference in 2017

25.09.2017–29.09.2017 | Cottbus, Germany – Annual Meeting of the German Society of LimnologyThe 33rd annual meeting of the German Society of Limnology takes place at the Brandenburg University of Technology in...

Sep. - Jan.

Measuring toxicity in fresh water using algae and water fleas

21.09.2017 – Currently, our company founder Christian Moldaenke is a guest at the University of Toledo. He is doing research in water quality monitoring.Christian will hold a presentation...

Sep. - Jan.

WEBINAR Chlorophyll determination of microalgae and cyanobacteria

05.09.2017 – Looking for biological parameters on earth the question: WHAT IS IT? and HOW MUCH IS IT? are crucial for the evaluation of the ecological status and the development. Inside of...

July - Jan.

WEBINAR Free Phycocyanin Measuring Instruments - The Use of Free Phycocyanin Fluorescence for Measuring the Release of Cyanobacteria’s Compounds.

04.07.2017 – Do you know your water quality in regard to cyanobacteria’s toxins as well as taste and odor compounds? The new developed instruments for measuring free phycocyanin provide a...

June - July

Elbschwimmstaffel - Das Meer beginnt hier!

24.06.2017–12.07.2017 | Elbe von Bad Schandau bis Geesthacht – Kennen Sie die Wasserqualität der Elbe? Die Elbschwimmstaffel ist eine Initiative des Bundesministeriums für Bildung und Forschung, um auf die Wichtigkeit einer guten...

June - Jan.

WEBINAR ToxProtect64 - Fish in a tank - best choice for a simple, affordable and effective Early Warning System

07.06.2017 – Do you know your water quality?The bbe ToxProtect64 is an automated monitoring system for the protection of a drinking water supply against accidental or malicious...

May - Jan.

Ballast Water Summit

19.05.2017 | Toledo Ohio USA – Immediately following the IAGLR Symposium in Detroit in May, bbe Moldaenke will participate in the Ballast Water Summit in Toledo.Our company founder Christian Moldaenke will...


bbe participates in the IAGLR conference 2017

15.05.2017–19.05.2017 | Detroit Michigan USA – bbe Moldaenke and his American partner PP Systems are happy to announce the participation at the 60th Annual Meeting of the International Association of Great Lakes Research in...