New application for DTox

New application for DTox in waste water treatment plants

bbe Toximeters for Water Pollution Control at Waste Water Treatment Plant (WWTP)

bbe DaphniaToximeter is established in ecosystem monitoring, water works and food industry. The next step is to control the purity of treated waste water before it will be channelled in waters to ensure its clarity for saving ecosystems and human health. Continuously measurements of physico-chemical parameters of waste water are common in South Korea, for example.

The DaphniaToximeter was tested at the effluent of a WWTP in Bülk near to Kiel in North Germany.

The DaphniaToximeter was able to handle the base load of the purified waste water and ran without problems. One toxic event could be measured during the test operation of the DaphniaToximeter (4 weeks). This event took place simultaneously with an increased application of ferrous sulfate as flocking agent for phosphate. There were no other toxic events during the test period.

The DaphniaToximeter is approved for quality control of treated waste water.

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