Pet Safety

The Rising Dangers of Blue-Green Algae

Alarming reports popped up of blue-green algae intoxications in pets. Dog owners have reported this summer that their pets became fatally ill after swimming in freshwater lakes and ponds, apparently after ingesting water laden with toxic blue-green algae. After playing in a pond three dogs died from toxic algae within hours.

Many pet owners do not realize the severity of the threat these toxins pose to animals. Without suitable tool the blue-greens are easy to overlook. A practical instrument for monitoring at site determines the quantity of blue-green algae and warns about risks for bathing pets and humans. The AlgaeTorch is dipped into the water and excites the pigments of the blue-green algae. The intensity of the emitted fluorescence stands for the density of the blue-green algae. Measurement and analysis is done in less than a minute.

Dogs are very susceptible to the toxins because they ingest water during swimming.  You may not see it, but they can be there. Ask your local health authorities what they do to keep pets safe.