our product AlgaeTorch


The quick-and-easy portable measuring instrument. Switch on, dip in, read off!

  • Fast and simple algae monitoring
  • Designed for all types of surface water: lakes, reservoirs, rivers and bathing water
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our product DaphTox II

DaphTox II

Sensitive detection of toxic substances in water via computer-assisted digital image analysis

  • 1 or 2 chamber system
  • Simple operation
  • Easy maintenance of daphnia, genetically defined daphnia stem
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bbe IOcells

Easy, fast, precise - the NEW bbe IOcells

The I0cells is a light-weight field instrument for indicative testing of ballast water!

  • Measuring time less than a minute
  • Detection limit 1 living cell / ml
  • No chemicals needed

Now New

Redesigned: the ToxProtect64 II with a new outfit, a Windows™ based industrial PC and more...


Chlorophyll Detection with Algae Class Differentiation

Innovative spectral fluorometers with integrated algae class differentiation enables the accurate and simultaneous determination of green alge, cyanobacteria, brown algae and cryptophytes.



Detection of Water Contamination

Exploding numbers of synthesised compounds have led to new challenges in environment assessment during the last few decades. In addition to soil and air monitoring, the analysis of water quality has become a fundamental task.


Simple, fast, accurate - Chlorophyll Fluorometers & Toxicity Monitoring

Water is the source of all life! Good water quality is a pre-requisite for our future and is a great challenge. To be involved in this, bbe has committed itself to water quality monitoring!

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