bbe participates in the IAGLR conference 2017

| Detroit Michigan USA

bbe Moldaenke and his American partner PP Systems are happy to announce the participation at the 60th Annual Meeting of the International Association of Great Lakes Research in May.
For us it is a great opportunity to present our newest developments – the bbe 10cells and the bbe PhycoLA.

The bbe 10cells is a handy field instrument for the measurement of algae cells in water samples.
This sensitive instrument is able to detect down to one living cell per ml and is highly recommended for the application in ballast water treatment systems.

The presentation has the title “bbe 10cells - Approved Measuring Instrument for the Indicative Investigation of Ballast Water”. It will be held in the session “The new age of ballast water management in the Great Lakes” on Friday at 10:40 in the morning in room 250A.


The bbe PhycoLA is capable of distinguishing the phycocyanin which exists in the inside of intact cells and at the outside of damaged cells. With this method the amount of unwanted substances which may have left the damaged cyanobacteria can be estimated.

This presentation has the title “A New Measuring Method as an Early Warning System for the Appearance of Cyanobacteria's Compounds”. It will be held in the session “Lake Erie Harmful Algal Bloom Research Initiatives: Field to Faucet and Beyond” on Thursday at 3:00 pm in room 251C.

We would be happy seeing you at the IAGLR 2017!