bbe participates in the DGL conference 2016

| University of Vienna

Annual Meeting of the German Society of Limnology and the SIL Austria

The first time since 1998, the DGL conference will again take place in Austria. The annual meeting of the SIL Austria (Societas Internationalis Limnologiae Austria) has evolved to become an international platform for the exchange of freshwater scientists in the Alpine regions (AT, CH, DE, FR, SLO, IT), which especially addresses young colleagues. Additionally, this year the conference topics are geographically extended to the entire Danube River Basin. The DGL / SIL meeting in 2016 thus offers a particularly wide platform for exchanging ideas and experiences.

The sessions cover all areas of aquatic ecology, such as river ecology, lake ecology, aquatic food webs, biodiversity, carbon research, floodplains, wetlands, species ecology and taxonomy, genetics, invasive species, biogeochemical processes, sediment dynamics, habitats, restoration, water management, river basin management, Water Framework Directive, Habitats Directive, river protection, nature conservation, climate change, water bodies impacted by agriculture, urban water bodies, fish migration and fish passes, the role of users and NGOs, social demands and others.