Symposium for European Freshwater Science

| Zagreb, Croatia

Aqua fons vitae – water as a source of life and irreplaceable component of the nature environment

Leaning on a 20-year tradition of the Symposium for European Freshwater Sciences, the goal is yet again to bring together freshwater scientists from Europe and around the world, and to share our knowledge, exchange the brightest new ideas and have fruitful scientific discussions while having a good time. To achieve these goals, SEFS11 will give special attention to the fresh and young researchers hoping to attract as many as possible. We also wish to attract more interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary research hoping to overcome the boundaries between approaches in studying freshwaters.

Reserve your schedule to attend SEFS11, and keep tracking all our updates. Join us in Zagreb, and share the celebration of the 20th anniversary of SEFS!

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