WEBINAR Chlorophyll determination of microalgae and cyanobacteria

Looking for biological parameters on earth the question: WHAT IS IT? and HOW MUCH IS IT? are crucial for the evaluation of the ecological status and the development. Inside of water the planktonic organisms represent the living part of biomass. Among them the microalgae & cyanobacteria contribute highly to the CO2 uptake and O2 release. It is clear both have a high impact on the climate. The knowledge about abundance and distribution is essential for management processes as for modelling. The direct determination of biomass is often laborious, impracticable in the field or needs advanced equipment. Established surrogates are the chlorophyll or the ATP determination. In this webinar we want to give an overview about existing methods for the chlorophyll determination and discuss the advantages and disadvantages. We will be glad to meet you on this webinar.

Short summary about the presentation