Webinar: Monitoring Algae in South African Water Resources

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Webinar about algae analysis

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South African surface waters are becoming increasingly and dangerously polluted by inadequately treated wastewater eAluents. Harmful algal blooms of cyanobacteria are a common and sustained consequence of this pollution, leading to water resource degradation and threats to human and animal health. Cyanobacteria (blue-green algae) produce a wide range of extremely harmful liver, neurological and/or neurodegenerative toxins.

From a health risk perspective, it is vital to be able to monitor quickly and eAectively for presence of cyanobacteria in any water resource. Contact recreation event organisers, such as for the Midmar Mile, or the Duzi Canoe Marathon, for example, need to know the risks on race day, and not days later. Advanced technology developed by BBE-Moldaenke of Germany, manufacturers of the revolutionary ‘AlgaeTorch,’ has enabled real-time detection and single sample discrimination of all major algal groups, in-situ, oA living algal cells. No longer is there a need to wait for results. These can now be obtained ondemand at the water’s edge, in a matter of seconds and at a fraction of conventional laboratory costs. Proxies for cyanotoxin presence can also now be detected.

BBE-Moldaenke, in association with BBE Southern Africa, will be presenting a detailed technology and product information webinar on 14 March 2023. The registration link for
this event is provided below.

This presentation will be of interest to: Water specialists, researchers, algologists, water resource managers, laboratories, treatment plant operators, local authorities, compliance oAicials, recreational clubs (rowing, swimming, fishing), lake estate managers, water resource orientated NGOs, farmers, veterinarians, water utilities and irrigation boards.

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