Workshop Tour in the USA

| several locations in USA

BBE will host several workshops in the area of the United States in November:

02. + 3.  November  ->2 day workshop USGS Virginia (Richmond)

06. November   -> 1 day workshop at the California State Water Resources Control Board

07. November  ->  1 day workshop at the USGS Waterboard (Sacramento)

13. + 14. November -> 2 days workshop at the lake Erie Center (Tolledo)

16. November -> 1 day workshop at the Upstate Freshwater Institute (Syracuse)


The topics will be:

- Fluorometric method of the FluoroProbe
- Features of different instruments for various applications
- Basics of software
- Basics of benchtop use
- Basics of in situ use
- How to know when the probe has a problem
- More advanced BBE++


If you want to join one of the workshops please email to: