AquaLife 2012

This year's Biomonitoring Workshop was held on 4th June and the AquaLife 2010 seminar was held between 5th and 6th June at bbe´s offices in Schwentinental and at the Hotel Birke in Kiel.

Topics of the event included:

  • Daphnia Toximeter sensititivity quantification by EDF, France
  • Automated water quality monitoring
  • Quantification of microphytobenthos
  • Implementation of optical sensors for water monitoring
  • Algal blooms in the waters of South Africa
  • ANaLYT ansd STATUS project reports
  • FerryBox and a New Sensor for Phytoplankton Detection
  • Characterising Phytoplankton Communities in the English Channel and the North Sea.
  • Algae Survey in Romania
  • Enclosure Experiments in Lake Stechlin, Berlin

Guest came from France, the Netherlands, Italy, Switzerland, South Africa, Romania and of course all over Germany.

Please feel free to download a presentation from the list below or contact us for a CD (including photos).

Biomonitoring Workshop Monday 4th June at bbe

AquaLife Seminar - Tuesday 5th June

AquaLife Seminar - Wednesday 6th June